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Queens New York to get first ever Krishna Janmashtami 2014 Block Party

Radha Govind Dham New York Janmashtami 2014 celebration in Glen Oaks, Queens

Radha Govind Dham New York Janmashtami 2014 celebration in Glen Oaks, Queens


From The Vrindavan Times News:

Block parties have been popular phenomenon for large events in New York city, but for the first time on August 17th 2014, the entire Hillside Avenue Block in Glen Oaks will be reserved for one of the largest Krishna Janmashatami celebrations in New York in 2014.

The massive event of Krishna’s Birthday in New York is being organized by New York Hindu Temple, Radha Govind Dham New York.

Some of the attractions include Live Bhajans, Food, Dandiya Dances, Best-Dressed Krishna Contest, Krishna Janmashtami 2014 Pravachan.

Outdoor Krishna Janmashtami 2014 programs

  • A massive kirtan party led by acclaimed singer Anuradha Khanna
  • Kirtan and Krishna Janmashtami 2014 speech by Swami Nikhilanand
  • Dances and performances
  • Best-dressed Krishna contest
  • Raas Garba (Dandiya) party

Indoor program (Inside Radha Govind Dham New York, Hillside Avenue)

  • Arti
  • Dinner prasad
  • Kirtan up till midnight
  • Best-dressed Krishna Contest

One of the unique features of the New York Krishna Janmashtami 2014 celebrations which is proving most popular is the best-dressed Krishna contest where the public is invited to dress as Shree Krishna and receive an award for being the best! To enter Best-Dressed Krishna Contest: Call Santosh Gera at (718) 807-1101


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