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Bal Vidyalay

Radha Govind Dham New York Bal Vidyalay: Bringing the Knowledge, values and arts of Hinduism to Today’s Children

Bal Vidyalay, the Hindu Youth arm of Radha Govind Dham Hindu Mandir New York, inspired by Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Welcome to Radha Govind Dham Bal Vidyalay. Founded with the vision of endowing our children with education in the customs, practices and traditions of Hinduism, the RGD Bal Vidyalay aims to nourish them with the wealth of India’s Arts and Cultural heritage and instill in them a lifelong commitment to Hindu spiritual values; the values we cherish as parents and wish to pass on to our children.

At the RGD Bal Vidyalay, children choose from a variety of extracurricular topics and learn the subjects of their interest from qualified teachers, thus enriching their spiritual and cultural development through traditional classes in Hinduism, Dance, Language and Music.

Children learn in the devotional environment of Radha Govind Dham where we provide a fun-filled learning experience. Held every week, Radha Govind Dham’s Bal Vidyalay classes provide a consistent, year-long extracurricular enrichment for children.

I invite you to review the descriptions of classes and guidelines presented in this handbook and use this invaluable opportunity to invest in the extracurricular education of your children by enrolling them at the Radha Govind Dham Bal Vidyalay. I also encourage you to be part of the RGD Bal Vidyalay – a non-profit organazation – by being its teacher, volunteer or donor. Thank you for your interest in the Radha Govind Dham Bal Vidyalay.

Swami Nikhilanand, President.

Student Responsibilities

  • Children are required to arrive to classes at least five minutes before the class starts so that teacher can begin the class on time.
  • For educational continuity and knowledge, students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Excessive absence will be discussed with parents and may result in suspension from the class.
  • Students are expected to complete homework assignments and be prepared for their classes with the appropriate books and school materials.
  • All children are expected to be respectful of other students, people and property.
  • Students are expected to wear attire that is considered appropriate for being at a temple or attending a religious ceremony.
  • Occasionally, a student will have difficulties adjusting to the school environment. Students who show consistent patterns of not conforming to the Bal Vidyalay’s guidelines will be called in for a parent-teacher conference. If the problems continue, student may be suspended from the class.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to be at Bal Vidyalay and seated in their class five minutes before class starts. Each class lasts for one hour. Timely drop-off and pick-up is expected.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child is prepared for class (having homework done, getting materials for next class ready, etc.).
  • Parents should make a concerted effort to attend any parent-teacher sessions or meetings conducted by Bal Vidyalay.
  • Parents who are interested in observing their child’s class should contact the teacher to arrange a mutually agreeable date.
  • Any concern related to classroom or learning at the RGDNY Bal Vidyalay should be discussed with the teacher first and thereafter, submitted to the Bal Vidyalay President for consideration.
  • If your child is going to miss a class, please notify the teacher as soon as you can.
  • Cell phones, gaming consoles and other such distracting devices are not permitted in the classrooms.
  • Parents are welcome to send a healthy snack for their child. Snacks must be strictly vegetarian.
  • Please let the teachers know of anything in your child’s life which may affect his/her school experience, e.g. death of a relative, illness, new sibling, death of a pet, etc.